Visionary Action Template

Introducing Our 2020 Visionary Action Plan.

The 2020 Visionary Plan has three main elements

  • An oral presentation consisting of 15-20 PowerPoints that details the new venture's business model - i.e the opportunity and the plans to exploite it. (skeleton)
  • An visionary prospectus that provides the key details relating to economic principles of the Global Village, the opportunity, the concept outline, the business model, an executive summary, launching action plans with an accompanying deal sheet if required. (flesh)
  • 20+ start-point worksheeets that analyise, clarify and inform the two presentations detailed above. These worksheets follow the entrepreneurial development thinking being - Need - Idea - Opportunity - Business Concept - Business Model - Visionary Action Plan. These worksheets are only for internal use but will prove handy as external stakeholders probe for analysis and answers. (interrogate)