Guiding Principles

Principle 1.
Your working capital gets stuff done.
You use your assets — time, attention, ideas, knowledge, passion, energy, and networks — to make electro-zeta, LLC prosper. This KAM agreement is all about how to leverage your working capital —
and how not to.

Principle 2.
Your contribution is an investment in our mutual success.
Your time and attention are finite, becoming more valuable and sought-after with each new effort you complete. For our sake we must invest your knowledge capital quickly and manage it wisely— ez does it!

Principle 3.
You get better returns on your investment.
If an hour invested in electro-zeta, LLC could be invested in a competitor for greater return, you would leave. That is why ez does it your way. Whatever makes you successful makes us successful as well.

Principle 4.
Hello value, or goodbye.
The electro-zeta company is only a middleman between you, your teammates, our customers, and the marketplace. Your knowledge creates value for electro-zeta. This value must be shared to grow.

Principle 5.
Productivity is not valuable without knowledge.
For every minute spent with electro-zeta, LLC you will be given the opportunity to apply your own special knowledge to the success of the enterprise.

Principle 6.
Form follows passion.
At electro-zeta, we each listen to what rocks our heart, what inspires and excites us, then we set our targets, goals and plans.

Principle 7.
We all use our personal knowledge assets to get things done.
We believe that infrastructure — not just dialogue — is part of the ez does it philosophy. Technology, processes, information flows, and everything that connects us and organizes our work must also meet our personal need for knowledge, as much as they currently meet customer and company needs.

Principle 8.
We win, you win, they win.
Company and customer success are tied to the decisions that each of us makes, and how we make them. So if you focus on creating value for us, (the mavens of your knowledge capital), everybody wins!

Principle 9.
You manage your own portfolio of knowledge assets—ez manages the flow of knowledge.We are business units of one. Together we will set new standards in collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

Principle 10.
ez does it with peer-to-peer connections that deliver personal freedom, growth and success.
We do not compare your best effort, your culture or talents to peers at other companies or even within this company. You are unique and so is each one of us. It is our ability to channel your efforts, culture, and talent into the flow of knowledge that keeps our business well watered. It starts with a trickle and grows to a roaring river that cannot be subdued by mindless bureaucracy.

Principle 11.
electro-zeta transforms how your work is evaluated.
Truly talented people are not driven to please authority figures. So the evaluations, reviews, recognition ez-doers most value come from peers, customers and competitors who are closest to our work.

Principle 12.
The ez does it value starts with me.
An ez-doer accepts personal accountability. Regardless of what the organization does, or does not do, we can add value to other people’s knowledge capital.

As a committed ez-doer, I am accountable for:

Retooling myself even faster and more often than the company expects of me

Helping to create the structure and connections that ensure our customers and the company thrive

Helping to ensure every person around me can swim with the flow of knowledge I have helped create

Asking myself: What knowledge asset can I help grow today?