Welcome to our home in the Global Village!

There is no time clock in our place--only ad hoc collaboration, vision, and opportunity.

  • Collaboration = cohesion between people

  • Vision = our sights are set on the year 2020

  • Opportunity = your knowledge base + our insights and vision

Our focus is on your existing knowledge base and how to turn that knowledge base into a sustainable income stream in the Global Village. We predict that the Industrial Park Business Model will give way completely to the Global Village Model by the year 2020. If we are right, the businesses and careers that were pinned to the Industrial Park will be mired in a faulty knowledge base with a dwindling income stream.

We are 2020 Visionaries. We help family businesses and individuals capitalize on the knowledge base they already have in 2014 and to accomodate the major changes that will come by the year 2020.
No one can solve the problems spawned from fear by applying faulty knowledge and wishful thinking. That only causes more problems. We counter that fear with innovative thinking, strategic vision, and the ad hoc leadership needed to implement solutions fearlessly at the speed of thought.

ez does it!

Online Service Provider: Blog Content Curating, Career Reorientation, Future History Reports, Knowledge Asset Hardening

We also publish the GLOBAL VILLAGE OBSERVER, a 2020 Visionary Journal covering news and opinions of the day in the year 2020. If your business or career is not panned in GVO, it may be mired in the Industrial Park thinking of 2014.